It often seems like losing weight is a race. Rather than focusing on the goals you want to accomplish, it always seems like people want you to accomplish them quickly. Weight loss isn't seen as legitimate unless it is a fast process and one that happens overnight. This is a dangerous path to go down, because believe it or not, overnight weight loss, although initially a confidence booster and of course pleasing to the eye, is one of the least efficient ways to lose weight. That fad crash diet may seem like a Godsend, but when the pounds start to pile back on overnight, it's more like a living nightmare.

It's hard to make an honest comparison of fat burning methods when it seems like fad crash diets are the quickest and easiest way to lose the weight, but it's even harder when those diets fail and all your hard work goes down the drain. The fact is that slow, steady, methodical weight loss, harnessing proper portion control, exercise, and self-control, is the only way to keep the pounds off long-term. This may seem like a daunting concept, but there are ways to ensure that your hard work will not be in vain, and that your unwanted weight will become and remain a thing of the past. There are now many safe and efficient weight loss supplements on the market which are not only effective, but also extremely user-friendly and even beneficial to your health. According to a number of online reviews, many people have found that their regular exercise and diet regime greatly benefits from the aid of a fat burner, allowing them to not only keep the pounds off, but to do so at their own pace.

Find What Works For You

“Lose weight at your own pace”

Losing weight is not a competition, and when other people demand to know how much you've lost, and how quickly, and whether or not you've been logging every single calorie you've consumed in the past week, it may be hard to dish out the details. Losing weight is a personal journey that involves taking your health and happiness into your own hands, and should be treated as such. Comparison of fat burning methods only works if you do so with people who are there to support and journey with you rather than compare and judge. It is better, when losing weight in a group, to collaborate, rather than compete. A pound lost on your end does not equal a pound gained on someone else's, and vice versa. Everyone needs to lose weight at their own respective pace, this is imperative, as any of the many online weight-loss reviews will tell you.

People who judge you for your personal choice of exercise routine, diet, or fat burner are not beneficial to your life, or your journey towards your goals. What is clear is that you need to take responsibility for yourself, and find a plan and tools that work for you. Your body is yours, and no one else's. Be sure to find routines that fit your own personal style and preferences, as well as research weight-loss supplements that appeal to what you are looking for in your own particular journey towards health. You need to get the best fat burners, for that you can visit and find the top fat burners that can help you lose weight.

Isolating Your Body's Needs

“Train and exercise at your own pace”

One of the main steps towards losing weight at a pace that works for you is narrowing down exactly what your body needs from your chosen life-style change. There's no point in trying to shove a square peg into a round hole. If you're more interested in fat loss, high-impact weight lifting and protein-heavy dieting may not be right for you. Conversely, if you're happy at your current weight, but you wish more of it was muscle and less was fat, long, stretched-out, cardiovascular-based workouts are not going to get you where you need to go. There are a myriad of products on the market designed to help you safely and steadily lose weight and burn fat. In fact, many online databases and reviews clearly and concisely conduct this comparison of fat burning methods for you, so that you can quickly and efficiently find the right products for you. Your weight-loss and fitness journey is your own, and you must work at your own pace and get to know your own body before any sort of noticeable progress can be made. Once you learn to listen to you own body, deciding on the right diet, exercise, and fat burner regime will be a breeze.

Stay On the Path

“Don’t wander away from the path to fitness”

Don't be discouraged if your progress seems slow; the path to fitness is an extremely private one, and your body is precious. It's dangerous to lose too much weight too quickly, which is why it is very important to do your research and find weight-loss supplements that contribute not only to burning fat, but to benefiting your health. Many of the poor-quality products on the market boast quick and easy weight-loss, but the real fat burners, the ones countless reviewers are raving about, are the ones that work with your own personal body chemistry and allow you to lose weight and build muscle at your own pace, rather than on a ticking timer someone else has set. Don't allow other people to get you down if your progress appears to be 'too slow.' Progress is progress, and your body needs to work at its own pace, only then will the pounds stay off.

Do All You Can Do

“Start working out and do all you can do”

When all is said and done, your journey to health is your own personal responsibility, and it's your job to conduct as much research as you need to to make sure that you are making the safest and most efficient plan for yourself and your life. It is important to take control of your body and mind, and find the best way to keep yourself in shape and on track. This can be easily achieved through a little will power, a steady diet, an exercise plan, and a careful selection of the right fat burner to aid you on your journey. Don't rush, and be safe, because your health is of the utmost importance. Quick crash diets will only ruin your health in the long term, whereas a strategic weight loss regime will set you on the path to a long and healthy life. Overall, there is no need to suffer and toil for limited results since there are many resources available to help you, ranging from fellow weight-loss enthusiasts to helpful reviews of the latest supplements and fat burners. Be sure to take as much control as you can and conduct careful and meticulous research into the sort of aids you will need. Only you can change things for yourself, and only you can make that change permanent.

Be Yourself

'Be yourself' seems like such arbitrary advice because most of us have been told that our whole lives, but it is perhaps the most prevalent piece of wisdom to keep in mind when you embark on your journey to weight loss. Weight loss is not a race, it is not a competition, and it is not a comparison of you to others. Weight loss is a personal and important part of maintaining a healthy life-style and a long life. So remember, go at your own pace, find a diet and exercise plan that works for you, find weight-loss supplements that are designed for your specific needs, and above all, be yourself!

“Make your online classroom - a great place for learning”

One of the things that you will notice when you start to consider some of the paid online classroom options like Kajabi is that the reviews point toward the added cost as being a bit of a deterrent. At the same time, the Kajabi reviews admit that, in general, the site delivers what it promises, providing a sleek, interactive course platform to share all kinds of interactive multimedia. Kajabi has worked hard since 2010 to address some of the concerns raised by a number of reviews about the lack of intuitiveness and the overall complexity of getting a course set up through Kajabi University. Even so, the subscription price of $99 a month can seem rather steep, and many other online classrooms follow a similar setup.
Because of this, information marketers often find that they struggle to get students to promote their courses or to even sign on in the first place. The fee might not seem like much when you have a guaranteed base of students, but it quickly adds up if you’re struggling to find them. One of the best ways to get enough students into the courses and to make sure that they recommend it to their friends and families is to create a positive feeling of intimacy in the classroom itself. According to Hanover Research, the online classroom can be an extremely powerful tool for creating positive feelings of intimacy and community. When those feelings are achieved, the students typically become more responsive and open to completing the assignments and to letting friends and family know about the great resource they discovered. Here are some of the key elements to creating a positive feeling of intimacy in an online classroom whether you decide to use Kajabi or another service.

Encourage Student Interaction

“Encourage your students to be more active during the classes”

As much as possible, encourage students to interact with one another. Peer based learning provides a host of benefits, including that sense of camaraderie and intimacy that you want to create. It sometimes helps at the beginning of the course to have everyone introduce themselves or to at least post a bio. Even though, it doesn’t have the same dynamics of people introducing them in a physical classroom, they can read over one another’s posts and get to know a little about one another.
In encouraging student interaction, make sure to clarify what is and is not acceptable. If certain topics are not being brought up, then make sure that’s clear up front. To further help student interaction, make sure that you participate as well. Respond to student statements, and, if you allow off-topic conversations, make sure to participate in those as well.

Provide Timely Feedback

“Give timely feedback to your students to show professionalism”

It is best to provide a timely feedback to your students. Now, we have reviewed the platform for your reference. You can read the kajabi platform review which can help you make the right decision. Kajabi reviews reference the reviewers’ appreciation of positive or constructive and timely feedback. You significantly increase the value of your online course when you provide timely responses and recommendations. Through this, the students know, firstly, that they have someone’s ear. Second, it helps them know how to improve and that you actually value their participation in the course. Courses that aren’t likely to get recommended are courses where the student feels as if the instructor just doesn’t care.
What counts as timely feedback all depends on you. Students might prefer to have timely feedback occurring within a few minutes to a few hours of their questioner submission. But that probably won’t work for you. To avoid this conflict, explain in the initial guidelines or in the about section how long it will take approximately for you to get back with each student. You can further clarify by stating how long it takes for you to respond to general emails and how long it takes to provide responses on particular assignments. Stay within the time parameters that you provide. If you can’t make this time limit, then let students know. They will notice if you go over that time.

Give Concrete Recommendations

“Make sure that anything you recommend to students is solid”

When providing feedback, make sure to provide as concrete a recommendation as possible. If, for instance, you are teaching students how to create their own moneymaking niche websites, you need to actually show them how they can improve the site at each stage, instead of just telling them that they need a more viable keyword or concrete phrase, explain to them where to go to find the information and give them precise examples so that they can see where they went wrong.
General statements like “wrong” or “try again” do not help the students much at all. In fact, you may annoy them significantly. You don’t have to do the work for them. If you cannot tell them specifically what they did wrong because it would give away the process or keep them from learning another larger lesson, then explain that and point them in the right direction.
As a general rule, make sure to also provide concrete encouragement about what the students are doing right. In some cases, this may take significant work on your part to see what a student has done well. However, when you take the time to encourage a student and show him what he has done well, you make it more likely that he will not give up on the course. In regular schoolrooms, students give up when they become too discouraged and feel that there’s no way they can master the material. In an online course where the students are not obligated by law to be there until they reach a certain age, this becomes an even bigger concern.Never lie with your encouragement though. Your students will be able to tell the difference. But when you can find specific examples that a student has done something well, then pointed out. Pointing out the positive aspects of the students work becomes even more important when the analysis and critique is done publicly.

Provide Obtainable Goals and Insights into the Course

Few things make a student feel more isolated than believing that he cannot complete the goals set forth in a course. Even if all of the other students feel the same way, the end result is not that they want more of your information products or plan to come back, but that they will leave and tell everyone else to avoid your classes. Make sure that you provide obtainable goals in the course.
As you watch the students interact with the course material, pay attention to students who seem to be having difficulty. You can provide additional insights to them if necessary to help them achieve the end goals. Again, you don’t do the work for them, but you provide them with the tools of the understanding that they need to learn the material and be able to walk away but the benefit that you promised.
When you first start teaching a course, you may find you need to evaluate it on a regular basis. The goals often change as you realize what your students can and cannot do. Remember that if it seems like it’s too much, you can always break the course into multiple parts so that students can come complete the first section and then move on to the second when they’ve mastered the skills in the first.

“Stay away from the scam sites”
“Stay away from the scam sites”

Could cam site reviews be your worst enemy? When searching for an online sex cam site, you may look for reviews for the sites you find. This is a good tactic with almost any other online venture, but for cam sites reviews can be detrimental.

Why the cam site reviews are scams

One of the various interesting and almost frightening, secrets of the internet that is hidden from most people is where many of these reviews come from. Professionals write some of the best reviews on the internet. That is right. Companies hire article writers to have good reviews written for their products highlighting the good features with a few mentions of what might be faulty. Cam site reviews are almost the same. There is one main difference, though. Reviews for sex cam sites are generally written with poor grammar on purpose to make them look like real, credible reviews.

How to tell the real reviews from the scams

“Real reviews are those which has all the tested results to support their claims”
“Real reviews are those which has all the tested results to support their claims”

As stated previously, sex cam reviews are written with poor grammar to suck you into thinking they are real. This can be anything from using text speak to prove they are written by your average barely legal adult, or they can be full of intentionally misspelled words. However, there is something to look for. If you are scouring the internet for quality cam sites, you may see similarities in the reviews. That is a big red flag to lead you in the right direction. Even if some random article writer wasn't hired to write those reviews, they will all say similar things, have similar writing styles, and be in similar formats. This is because they often have special writers set aside for such purposes, and that purpose is to get you into their site and start parting with your hard earned money.

What you will see when you find a review for your cam site of choice

Sometimes, you may come across reviews that are written well and seem like an intelligent man wrote it with actual experience. They may sound sincere. They may have gratuitous information of what happened on their cam chat. However, it is important to realize one main thing: These cam sites are not opposed to giving an article writer a free show or two in order to spur a quality review article for their business. These freebies are usually with their hottest women who are veterans at getting a man into their thrall. The stronger the woman's pull, the hotter the review, and the more likely you are to trust that informative review.

If it sounds too good to be true, follow your gut

“She will not give a free show without any ulterior motive”
“She will not give a free show without any ulterior motive”

Freebies are a way to get you into the mood before you part with your money for the per-minute show. Reviews will sometimes tell you about the free minutes they got to check out the women before they committed to a paid cam review. Or, they may say that there are videos of the cam site's women being naughty so you never have to actually get into the chat to have your fun. However, when you go to view these freebies, there is always a catch. Finding that catch is what will keep you from getting scammed by a cam site review. Sometimes the catch is as obvious as the fact it may be a live girl in skimpy clothing, and she maybe goading you into paying so she can start removing clothes and pleasure herself just for you. Other times, it may be covert. These girls are sneaky and conniving, and know how to get a man to keep paying for their time. Most of these girls have been doing this for a long time, and have become creative in how they steal your money. Follow the age old rule: If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

These companies want two things from you: your money, and your visit

“Don’t waste your money”
“Don’t waste your money”

Cam site reviews do their best to do two things. They drive traffic to their site through any means necessary to boost their visibility, and they want as much money as they can squeeze out of you. They want your time and your business, and they want it whether it is for one viewing, or for the long haul. It is an ingenious scheme, and they are experts at it. One of the top sites in this industry also follows the same strategy. Read the review of live jasmine here: <ahref="" target="_blank" title="review of live jasmin"> and you would see why can’t be a scam. People flock to this site, due to its reputation for being a legit cam site and it generates tremendous revenue out of it.

They want your traffic

By writing these reviews, if they work them properly, they boost their rating on search engines like Google and Yahoo. This gives them more visibility through Search Engine Optimization, and makes it more likely that you will find that review. The more people who find those reviews, the more likely they are to get more business, and therefore more money. Through reviews, they drive people into thinking that their quality is higher than the other competing cam sites. In addition, through proper Search Engine Optimization, those sites are seen by more people, viewed in more Google queries, and generally more trusted due to Google showing them above the rest. It is a basic instinct for some people to trust sites higher on their search results list than those lower down on the page. This is a hook, and the review is the bait. You are supposed to be the hapless fish.

They want your money

Of course they want your money. Cam sites have a payment form because they sell a product like any other company. They want to stay in business. They want their workers paid, their domain name and hosting compensated, and they want to make a profit. Through creative cam site reviews, these businesses are driving gobs of cash to their sites with the tons of traffic they generate. It is up to you to weed through these sites yourself and judge on your own likes and dislikes seeing which is going to give you the best bang for your buck.

Cam sites sell a product and companies want you to tell your friends before you use it

Reviews are dangerous in many ways. They make you want to use their site, and they give you a false sense of security. If you trust the reviews, you are more than likely going to share it with your friends if you have any who are interested in that particular sort of site. The more friends you share it with, the more business the site is likely to receive. Sharing is one of the best ways to get business. If you share it with three friends, those people may share it with a few of their other friends, and it can go on exponentially. It was already discussed that professionals most likely wrote these reviews. If your buddies do not realize this fact, they may also be drawn into the scam and flock to seedy cam sites to happily part ways with their money.
Cam site reviews are generally your enemy. If you are going to trust any review on the internet, the best ones are those you receive from people you know. Before you get all hot and bothered; check the sites out personally. Check their rates. Look through the pictures of women to see which sparks your interest, and if they don't have a list of women and their pictures that run the cams, you may want to run the other way. Be careful, be thorough, and keep your money where it belongs: in your wallet.

“Every eBook requires some special pages”

If you ask most authors what the most essential component of an eBook is, they would probably answer the content or the words. While that's true, there are a few other things that you must make sure your eBook has to protect your rights. It doesn't matter whether you're doing everything yourself or investing in a package from the best eBook self publishing platform available. You will need these components unless you're planning to just distribute the book to a few close family members and aren't really interested in making money off it.


Sometimes the best eBook self-publishing platforms include a free ISBN code in certain packages. While it might be tempting, avoid this. You'll have significantly greater flexibility if you choose to purchase your own set of ISBN codes from Bowkers, the United States' distributor for ISBN codes. The ISBN code allows your readers to find you, and it also allows the bookstores to track your sales more effectively.
Make sure that when you purchase your ISBN code that you purchase a code for each format the book will be published in. Currently, five different forms require ISBN codes: paperback, hardback, ePub, .PDF, and Kindle. Purchasing a bulk of ISBN codes can save you money, but remember that once you attach a book to the ISBN code that it cannot be changed. The price ranges between $32 and $150 per ISBN code, depending on the number of codes you purchase at a time.

“No eBook can be sold without obtaining an ISBN number”

To create an ISBN code on the back, you need a book barcode. You can purchase these from a number of vendors including BookScan. Generally, these cost between $10 and $20 a code. You will need one barcode for each ISBN code.

Copyright Page

You've probably passed over it countless times when you read books whether they were published traditionally or through the best eBook self publishing platform. For your reference, we have compared self publishing tools here: to find the best eBook self publishing platform. Anyway, it is important to have a copyright page in your eBook but only a few people actually pay attention to it, but the copyright page is vital for setting forth your rights. Failure to have a copyright does not mean you do not retain the copyright to your work. It just opens you up to potential issues with proper notice and enforcement. So make sure that you have a copyright page in every eBook that you write, even if it is only a novella.

“It is important to add a copyright page to your eBook”

The copyright page will include the following information
Book title
Warning Against Unauthorized Use
Cover design by
Interior design by
LCCN (Library of Congress Control Number)
Subjects identifying your eBook's qualifying topics
Printing location
In some cases, you may choose to add a buying information section that includes the publishing website. Including the publisher's logo can add a nice touch as well. To see how you should format it, look to your favorite bestseller and format your page to look like that. Remember to always use the actual copyright symbol. You can create it in word by enclosing a lowercase c in parentheses: ©.
As a side note, the copyright year is actually the year after the publication. Many self published authors don't realize that this is a standard industry practice. The main reason for the following year requirement is because of the amount of time it takes to get the book published and out to the readers. You should not set it in advance of one year though as that is considered false.

Warning Against Unauthorized Use

“Talk to an entertainment lawyer about the laws”

Just as with the copyright page, failure to include the "Warning Against Unauthorized Use" does not mean that people can just use your work however they choose. What it does do is give you an added layer of security and put your readers on notice.
A standard clause goes something like this, "No part of this book may be reproduced in any electronic, written, recorded, or photocopied form without permission of [publisher or author, depending on your preference] except for when specifically granted or use in a review or critical article." You can tweak it further, but you may want to talk to an attorney who specializes in entertainment law in your field. You don't want to unintentionally give away some of your rights. Including information about fair usage should include something like this, "in accordance with the fair usage standards." But be cautious. The fair usage standard may include far more than you anticipate, and it is currently in a state of flux. Just because you say that readers cannot do something with the book does not mean that you are superseding the law. If you restrict them from doing more than the law allows you to, then you simply lose your enforcement method.

The Disclaimer

“Write a disclaimer page for your eBook”

Obviously, no writer wants to get sued, and you need to take steps to protect yourself. You never know when someone is going to be stupid and assume that something you mention in passing is a legitimate method of handling a conflict or that burning popcorn is the best way to lose weight. Some people just want to find an easy way to make a lot of money, and sometimes they think that a lawsuit is a good one. Having a disclaimer helps to protect you and let the readers know that they still need to use commonsense.
The standard disclaimer can be found on the copyright page or on a separate page all of its own. It generally goes something like this: "Although the author has taken all reasonable precautions to verify the information in this book, neither the publisher nor the author, takes any responsibility for errors or omissions. No liability shall be assumed for any damages that result because of information used from book."
Another standard disclaimer that you may want to include is "This does not constitute [legal, medical, etc.] advice. You will need to consult with a [professional] before making any [changes, decisions, alterations to your lifestyle]." Obviously, this one comes with more areas for customization. What you are basically trying to say is that you are not giving binding advice in a particular field and that an individual who is an expert should help the reader make that final decision. You'll find this frequently on dieting and fitness sites, particularly when the advisor is not a doctor.

“Get your work copyrighted”

You'll want to include the disclaimer even in fiction, no matter whether published in an anthology, a standalone or series from a traditional publisher or the best self publishing platform. You might not think that readers can sue over fictional occurrences, but they can. It may not go well in court since it will be difficult for them to prove the duty requirement that most states impose, but it will chew up your time, increase your worry, and consume valuable resources.
You don't necessarily have to include the "any resemblance between persons living or dead is not intentional." That used to be commonly included in all fiction books to avoid potential cases of slander and libel, but the clause is no longer expected and not quite as effective. If you think your eBook could get you in trouble because of the people you are writing about, then consult with an entertainment attorney who specializes in entertainment and slander laws.

The iPad has forever changed the world. Since its release, the iPad has revolutionized the way we interact with our gadgets, making the experience and interaction more worthwhile. All around the world, the iPad is enjoyed by a lot of people. Through intuitive and fun-filled applications, users have substituted a lot of physical activities through apps.

Because of the user-friendly interface of the iPad, kids are also joining in on the iPad craze. But because of the influx of game applications made for this tablet, kids are prone to consume a lot of time through the iPad. Learning can be compromised, and parents should be aware that the iPad can be more than just a gaming device. Contrary to popular belief, the iPad can be used to enhance kids learning, and there are numerous apps in the market that can cater to this need. Here are ways on how to use the iPad to enhance kids learning.

1. Fill your Kid’s iPad with Relevant Educational Games

Kids of all ages, regardless of gender and ethnicity is universally accepted to love computer games. It would be a wise decision to flood your iPad with relevant games that enhances learning and at the same time entertain your child. Here are recommended games to have on your iPad:

Futaba Classroom Games for Kids

This app is a fun learning game that can engage multiple players. It can be adjusted on a specific difficulty level that touches on the topics of math and geography. It also teaches children with their first Spanish and Japanese words.

Numerosity: Play with Math!

As the name of the app suggests, ‘Numerosity’ teaches the child math through advancements in learning math. It pits kids into challenging and fun puzzles that lets them use their math skills and improve on them on different problems.

iPad’s Crayola’s iMarker and ColorStudio: Kids Will Love That
iPad’s Crayola’s iMarker and ColorStudio: Kids Will Love That

Cut the Rope

Cut the rope’ is a special app enjoyed by most adults, but this can also be an educational game for kids alike. Through Cut the Rope’s amazingly accurate physics aspect, kids are taught on how to think critically, as well as learn different physics approaches and concepts that cannot be taught by books.

These are only one of the few educational apps the iPad is useful for kids. The point is to make kids have fun and learn at the same time.

2. Provide Your Child a Learning Companion

The iPad can function as a learning companion, and not many people realize this. Through the iPad, kids can watch educational videos that can supplement their learning in school. Make sure to download relevant apps that enhance their views on science like Britannica Kids apps. Or you can also download dictionaries and electronic books that can supplement your child’s learning; the possibilities of the iPad are endless. Here are a few examples:

Monster Anatomy

Supplement your child’s understanding of the human body with this app. This app eliminates the clutter of books and illustrations, and not to mention the helpful functions of search.

Best Children’s Educational iPad Apps
Best Children’s Educational iPad Apps

History: Maps of World

Is your child having trouble dealing with thousands of maps that are laborious to keep? With this app, your child is alleviated from the burden of browsing through physical maps.

If you are finding ways on how you can trim down the cost and keep your cash flowing then you better start talking to suppliers and make a good deal. Unfortunately, not many of us know how making a great big deal. Sad to say, due to high competition we tend to be left behind by others who are young, dynamic, and offers big business opportunity. However, don’t be too sad because there are a few important tips written here that you can possibly consider and get that deal you are dreaming to have. Either with a possible client or existing client, you can consider these few tips here below.

1. You can shop around and look for a better price. This is quite pretty obvious, but once you’ve decided to work with different suppliers it would be easy if you keep on ordering their products than looking for other sources. Of course, as you order their products you are still free to canvass others’ products. You can use their current price to get great deals from other suppliers. You can compare their prices and product quality from other suppliers too.

2. Negotiate the quantities or the deliveries. You can make arrangements with the number of products delivered as well as delivery schedule. Maybe you can get lower costs or lower charges if there is.

Golden Rules Of Successful Sales Negotiations
Golden Rules Of Successful Sales Negotiations

3. Pay earlier. Just as long as you have this better cash flow, you can offer to the suppliers earlier but make a deal that they will give you discounts. Take note that an excellent payment record is considered as an asset. This is not a threat to your supplier, but an acknowledgement that you are a good payer and even in small things they should at least appreciate it.

4. Be always open to give. Negotiation means trading. Always have in your mind that not all the time the suppliers will bow down to your standards. You must also be open to possibilities that suppliers want something in return so that they can give you lower cost. A healthy relationship is about give and take. Don’t be greedy like you are the only business owner in the world they can deal with.

5. Value your suppliers. Be in mind how important your suppliers are. Your suppliers are not always equivalent to the price or invoice but a business partner. Don’t let your good relationship with your suppliers put into granted, but instead always find ways for you to have cost reduction with them. In return, why don’t you encourage them to have lower costs from their suppliers.

Consultant Chris Merrington explores how to manage supplier relationships to deliver the best return for the business
Consultant Chris Merrington explores how to manage supplier relationships to deliver the best return for the business

There are many that you can consider doing, just as long as you talk to them nicely and be a good partner with them. Pay them on time or ahead of time and be a good client. Through that, they won’t say no when you ask them a little favor. Be consistent of how good you are, and in the long run, surely, you can get what you really want.

There comes a point in the life of a parent when he/she is forced to take care of the kids on their own. Whether it was an accident or divorce, single parents must deal with the problem of taking care of the family. But when a single parent decides to start dating again, they face yet another problem to their ever growing list of responsibilities: how to introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend to the kids. This may seem trivial at first, but being in the same situation can be rough and often times troubling for most single parents. Luckily, there are a lot of single parents who’ve manage to break out of the stage of introducing a new relationship to the family, and they have proven to be effective most of the time. If you happen to be a single parent who faces the same exact problem, here are some tips on how to introduce a new girlfriend or boyfriend to your kids.

1. Be Sure of Your Relationship

Before telling your children that you have another special person in your life, you must make sure that the relationship is legitimate. You should ask yourself questions that can validate the relationship. Is he/she the right person for yourself and for your family? Is the special someone of your life truly in love with you, and vice versa? Are they financially stable enough to provide for yourself or themselves in case things get serious? Is your relationship stable and happy? These are the questions that single parents must face before even considering introducing their special someone to their kids. That way, you’re kids will see how confident and that you all deserve another person in your life.

 The holidays present a perfect opportunity to introduce your new girl or guy to Mom and Dad.
The holidays present a perfect opportunity to introduce your new girl or guy to Mom and Dad.

2. Make the Introduction as Slowly as Possible

The trick into getting to introduce your relationship with your special someone to your kids is to break it to them gently. That way, the child won’t get shocked and uncomfortable with you being with them. To do this, you may start by mentioning them through name dropping, or through small talk. And always mention them as a friend and not a lover. That way, your child is aware that you have a friend. Give them some time to be familiarized with this person through small talk, and never mention anything romantic for children can notice this and might get jealous early on.

This is my boyfriend/girlfriend
This is my boyfriend/girlfriend

3. Consider the Age of Your Child

There are different ways to handle differences in the child’s age when introducing a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Children age’s three to ten are sometimes innocent enough to accept new people as friends, but not friendly enough to accept new people as your lover, for young children to see them as a replacement parent. Children age’s twelve and above can readily understand what relationships are, and often times they can understand your relationship with another person. But there are times when teenagers tend to rebel with their parents, and parents should anticipate this at some point on their growth. The technique here is to start early and consistently so that your children can accept this easily.

Age is the one thing that nothing of this earth can withstand. With people, it hits some harder than others, and in case you've been feeling just a bit too old for your taste lately, keep reading. We'll revisit some of the old secrets that will get you feeling young once more.

Stay Active

The advice doesn't get any simpler than this. Changing your lifestyle to truly abide by it is a different matter all together. Is your TV/computer your best friend? Can't wait to get home from work and just sit down and turn off your mind? To not move for a while? These are all signs that your body is starting to slow down. Do you have a say in it? Of course you do! You just have to find some form of motivation to get you off your behind and back out into the world. Note that, with age, slowing down is most natural and you shouldn't fight it with all your might and try to remain a teenager forever. But lately it seems that the trend has reversed - young people of only 40 or 50 springs feel and act like they have 20 more on their backs. Making the jump from 45 to 25 is hard, making the jump from fictional 65 to 25 is nearly impossible.

So, don't let yourself become an elderly person before your time, as the old saying IS true, you are only as old as you feel. Stay physically active, and most importantly, stay in touch with the world around you. I must stress here that there is no need for you to dress like you are 20 if you aren't. But take a look at technology, at society, at the improvement of mankind, and try as much as you can to let go of the past. Keep a fond memory of it, but don't let your past life dictate your thoughts on everything new.

Healthy Eating and Regular Exercise
Healthy Eating and Regular Exercise

Do NOT Reject New Experiences

The secret to acting, feeling and being perceived as young by heart is your will to live, and thus to experience life to its fullest. Sadly, most people get tired of living after the age of 40-ish, deeming they have enough experience to not need anything new out of life. You want to feel 25 again? Get in your car, visit a shopping center, and let your mind wonder. Check out the new technology, and don't be afraid to ask about it because you're older than the rest of the people there. Listen to new kinds of music, tryout a popular beverage; take your pick. The point is to try and not reject anything just because you see it for the first time and your first instinct is RUN AWAY. In my experience, the main difference between a 25 and a 50 year old is the enthusiasm for progress. While the first welcomes most of it without question, the other rejects it as they start to long for the olden days. That is completely natural and part of growing old, granted, but if you want to feel young again, you have to go against nature here. It's as simple as that. So grab that new smartphone and start being amazed rather than being repulsed. It does wonders.

Creating Optimum Health Through Regular Exercise
Creating Optimum Health Through Regular Exercise

There are a few other things, like exercising regularly, eating healthy, and being proactive instead of passive that will also help you feel younger, as your body will get rejuvenated through those. But as you start feeling younger in spirit, these things will start to interest you without additional effort. So to sum up: is there a holy grail of eternal youth? There is, if you want it to exist. No big secrets, no extreme planning, just a bit of effort on your part to get out of your comfort zone for a bit. It can, and will do miracles. Good luck!

Are you the kind of person that takes pride on the savings you get in buying from thrift stores? Savings is exactly why you went there in the first place, apart from the surprising treasures that await you.

What’s good about shopping in thrift store is that it’s like digging through somebody else’s trunk of favorite things that they are ready to give away. You’ll notice that every single piece is unique and has some sort of personality in it. Sometimes it’s this uniqueness in them that draws you to buy the product. Also, if you’re patient enough you can find lots of branded goods in still very good condition; in fact some items that you might like there are those you can’t afford to buy in their brand new and unused condition.

Buying in thrift shops can save you hundreds of dollars or at least 90% of the retail cost of any product you might find in there. Here are some pointers when looking for items in a thrift stores:

Shoes. I’m sure you’d be thankful to the previous owners of these beautiful Italian leather shoes and top-of-the-line running shoes for letting their stuff go while in still A-OK condition. Rubber shoes can be washed or dry cleaned and leather shoes can be sanitized, so there’s no reason why you can’t say yes to that. Just make sure you pay special attention to the soles and heels and see it they would require major repair to enjoy the wear.

Best Thrift Shops
Best Thrift Shops

Jeans. Looking for a washed down working jeans but can’t afford to buy a brand new pair? Then prepare yourself for a sea of nice jeans that you can use both for work and for casual wear. Just be patient on your way to the fitting room when looking for your best fit. Pay attention on the zippers and see if they are still intact, the hems if they are not yet totally worn out and the thickness of the cloth on the inside of legs.

Bags. School bags, backpacks, luggage, sports bags . . . you name it and thrift stores have it. Why spend big amounts on bags that you will only use once in 6 months or will just use as a casual carry-all? If the bag you’re using will not add value in your fashion statement, then anything from a thrift store will do. Check on the zippers, the hard wares and the snap or button closures. Also check on the overall texture of the leather or material if they have not chipped due to wear and tear. The same goes for belts and wallets too.

Thrill of the chase ... the character and authenticity of thrift store finds are a big drawing card for younger shoppers.
Thrill of the chase ... the character and authenticity of thrift store finds are a big drawing card for younger shoppers.

Furniture. Yes, you can get your next furniture from a thrift store. Good thing some people are just so fickle-minded; their loss is your gain! You can get a bed frame, a décor chair, a bedside table or anything else that you might fancy. Just watch out for the overall condition of the furniture whether they need extra repair or repaint.